April 2021

Community Manager

We are building a Social Enterprise committed to educating people about the fragility of our planet and how important living a sustainable life is to our future. We believe user-generated content, specifically through video vlogs is a powerful tool to share this message.

Our platform is a start-up, currently in development by a team 4 passionate individuals spread across Europe and the Americas. We are launching by the summer through a mobile app and an engagement platform of user-generated short videos, blogs and competitions to attract the attention and spread the message of Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are looking for our first community manager to engage with our content creators to ensure we are sharing the most relevant user-generated content across our curated platform.

About the work

  • The position can be part or full time (75%-100%).

  • You will coordinate a small team of social media professionals and admins to drive day to day execution.

  • Work with the founders on implementing the "big picture" of social mission and manage operational tasks in a proactive manner.

  • Take ownership of leading the community buildup, such as engaging with content creators and bringing innovative ideas of how to spread the ethos.

  • The position is entirely remote. You can operate in any timezone and work whatever hours fit your work-life balance - as long as you can execute the tasks at hand.

Skills and requirements

  • Excellent organisation, multitasking and project management skills.

  • Excellent verbal and writing skills in English.

  • Solid understanding of social media, in particular Instagram, TikTok, FC and YouTube.

  • Work independently from a remote location and possess a computer and solid internet connection

  • Hold at least a Bachelors degree or demonstrate 5 yrs years in a similar role.

  • Understand how to leverage productivity tools to multitask like a pro (i.e SaaS-based project management, CRM, etc)

  • Ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders.

  • Unmatched enthusiasm to keep up with the rest of the team.

  • Proven project management experience.

Additional aspects about this role

  • You are passionate about saving the planet and care about sustainability.

  • Someone with a creative eye is a plus.

  • Someone who has a rudimentary understanding of blockchain and a general interest in how technology can help drive sustainability.

  • Know what the SDGs are ;)

  • Possibility to build a local team around you in the near future.

Salary expectations

  • We are a social enterprise founded by passionate individuals. There is no option of equity at this time. An ESOP is under consideration.

  • Salary equates to USD 24k- USD 30k (annual) FTE (based on experience).